Posted: July 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s barely three weeks since the end of the World Cup and it feels so much longer. It also feels a little as though the whole tournament has been brushed aside as the Premier League machine begins to click through the gears – Spain had barely held the trophy aloft before Sky Sports News were showing highlights of Ipswich Town’s 9-1 friendly win over Shit East Anglian FC.

That, along with three weeks of cool-off, makes me wonder just how good a World Cup it really was. It doesn’t really feel like there were many “seminal” moments, although maybe England getting smashed will prove to be one in the long (long long) term. There were some great goals and a handful of truly memorable games (Uruguay v Ghana, I’d love to sit through the full 120+ minutes of that again) but I don’t know how fondly I’ll look back on the whole thing.

What I am looking forward to is re-reading this whole blog and remembering. Remembering how, on one cool Wembley night at the end of May, I watched England beat Mexico and thought “hey, we could have a fun World Cup”. Remembering being in Trafalgar Square when South Africa took the lead against Mexico. Remembering the sheer anger on that District Line tube back from West Kensington. Remembering… some other stuff that I forgot.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. I’m thinking I will be back to do an Ashes blog this winter, I haven’t quite thought through the logistics of that yet but I imagine it will involve some very strong coffee and a few half-days off work.

Enjoy the new football season. Unless you’re playing Sheffield United.


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