Spain 1-0 Germany

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Pubs, World Cup
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Sorry Spain, I just don’t feel it. Sure, part of me is jealous that you’re in the World Cup final. Part of me is jealous at how ridiculously good pretty much all your players are. But why do you have to be quite uninteresting to watch? I’m not sure I’d go as far as to call you boring (again), but where’s the drama? There is none. Score, win. Zzz.

It seemed only fitting to watch this game in the same place I watched the Euro 2008 final, featuring the same two teams: the F3K in West Ken. That and I really love that pub as a place to watch the match. Two years ago I was very firmly rooting for Spain, this time I was behind Germany. Surrounded by Spaniards.

I remember during Euro 2008, F3K was the pub of choice for Spain, and the same was definitely true here. I don’t know if West Kensington is just a hotbed of Spanish or something, but there was a lot in – outnumbering Germans probably 20 to 1 judging by the noise. They had pretty much said “Germans down here, Spaniards up there” but we were in the Spanish section – the logic being, we can take ’em. They were mainly women anyway.

Something about the Spanish. They don’t ingest, and they don’t excrete. Considering that the place was basically pretty busy, I was extremely disturbed to notice that a) no-one was drinking, and b) no-one was going to the toilet. I strolled into the Gents moments after half-time and the place was empty. It was a complete contrast to England games (or, for that matter, any night out in an English pub with a predominantly English clientele) where it’s basically a conveyer belt of beer and piss.

Anyway, the game. Well, it panned out pretty much as I expected it to, with Germany’s counter-attacking set-up more or less nullified by the fact that Spain have a midfield, unlike Argentina who neglected to play one and unlike England who just had four blokes in red shirts stood in the middle of the pitch but unable to run or pass or shoot or tackle. On the basis of this World Cup, Germany thrive when they are able to crowd the ball centrall with Khedira, Schweini (I feel comfortable calling him that now) and Ozil, whereupon they can spring a counter. Spain are simply too good for that. With Xavi and Alonso sitting deep as their de rigeur positions, Germany’s midfield never had any time and as a result the entire team created very little.

In mitigation, neither did Spain; a neat ball from Pedrito (still don’t like the fact he’s graduated to the more grown-up Pedro) played in Villa but Neuer was quickly out to block, and then Iniesta’s centre was a fraction ahead of the sliding Villa when a goal looked certain. Other than that, it was all from range, albeit increasingly close to hitting the net with Neuer flinging himself every which way. Germany will presumably be livid in that they restricted Spain for the most part (as have pretty much every team at this tournament) and yet conceded from a corner, a Real Man’s header from Puyol, thumped past Neuer. I really think Puyol should be given some spandex and a guitar and invited to join a hair metal band, but here he did the job.

A shame for Klose, I really wanted him to get the record. Maybe he’ll be around for Brazil 2014 but at 36 years of age I kinda doubt it. Hopefully they’ll have got shut of Mario Bloody Gomez by then anyway, that man is ass.

So that’s probably it for me during World Cup 2010, in terms of watching it out-and-about. Only 2 games left and I’m pretty sure I’m busy for both of them. It’s been fun. I’ve probably been a bit too “safe” and visited a few places on repeated occasions, but I suppose that’s inevitable when England are involved as it’s a bit harder to transfer your allegiance when you’re looking at teams going “shit, this could have been us” (in some sort of weird fantasy world where our players are comparable with the top 10-12 teams here, which they’re currently not by some distance).

Onto the final. A first-time winner awaits. I sort of hope Holland wins. Lesser of two evils. But for all the talk of South American dominance, we have two European teams in the final. Europe>>>> Rest Of World.



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