Paraguay 0-1 Spain

Posted: July 3, 2010 in World Cup
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So, the Spanish model seems to be:

  1. Have shitloads of possession
  2. Shoot from miles away
  3. Let the opposition have a couple of decent, untaken chances
  4. Score a fortuitous goal with about 20 minutes left
  5. Keep possession until the game ends

Fuck off, that’s just boring.

Where would they be without Villa’s goals? Well, back home, probably. They really have been horribly average for a team with so many stellar players.

This was a pretty nondescript game except for three crazy minutes during which a number of weird things happened:

Firstly Pique decided to strongarm a Paraguayan as their sole corner was whipped in. A stupidly obvious penalty.

Cardozo, so cool in the shootout against Japan, absolutely nailed it but unfortunately straight into Casillas’ midriff.

Moments later Villa was through on goal; brought down for another obvious penalty. It probably should have been a red card. Alonso stuck the penalty away comfortably, but the referee had spotted (minor) encroachment and ordered a retake. Alonso changed direction, Villar didn’t and made the save and the ball was cleared for a corner, but not before Villar had absolutely totaled Fabregas on the rebound. The linesman was stood two yards away and neglected to help out the referee, although his brain might just have frozen in the mania. Sergio Ramos was having a shot cleared off the line pretty much as Fabregas was hitting the floor.

Probably fitting then that the decisive goal was equally nuts: Pedro hit the left-hand post, Villa controlled the rebound and shot against the right-hand post, then the left-hand post, before the ball eventually dribbled into the net.

Jammy bastards.


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