How to make English football better

Posted: July 1, 2010 in England
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Pie in the sky maybe, but I would buy into this instantly:

Trevor Brooking, as chief developer-type-guy of English football, to issue a statement in conjunction with Capello (who should stay as manager, of course), that basically says:

Listen up bitches. The oldest squad we have ever taken to a World Cup were shown to be not good enough on a world stage, so they will now be slowly but surely phased out of the England squad. Some, like Gerrard, Ferdinand and Terry, still have a part to play, but we will no longer be starting these players as an absolute given.

Our goal is to be competitive at the 2014 World Cup. To that end, we will be building the side around a core of younger players, regardless of their Premier League experience. A young English player is more likely to get an opportunity at international level than for a top club these days any way. Joe Hart will start in goal for the next game. Jack Rodwell will be involved, Ashley Young comes into play, Walcott comes back, Kieran Gibbs is in the squad.

We have no short term aims. This is all about the long term. Players will not be ditched for one-off mistakes or a couple of poor performances. We will adopt a selection policy similar to that taken by the English Cricket Board, and persist with players to make sure they have the maximum opportunity to maximise their potential.

We do not expect short terms results, and neither should you, the fans. You should enjoy the fact that you are seeing the future, and you should give these players a chance, because we certainly will. The more you boo them, the more we will play them. We want this squad to be competitive and qualify for Euro 2012 but that is our only aim other than getting tournament experience.

While this process is underway, overseen by Fabio Capello, he will be working closely with an understudy to ensure that, when the time comes for him to leave the Football Association, we have a ready-made replacement in the mould of Joachim Low: someone who knows the players and vice versa, someone who can take them to the next level.

This will be our policy from hereon. In the wake of the defeat to Germany, it was clear that something must change, or if not something, then everything, from the ground up. This is the first step in the English football revolution.

And the crowd go wild.


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