Brazil 3-0 Chile

Posted: June 28, 2010 in World Cup
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Brazil – they’re quite good, aren’t they.

Really enjoyed this game, even though the final result was (deservedly) one-sided. Chile do not let up, they are such a fast-moving team who play the ball almost as neatly as the boys in gold and blue and get into attacking positions with great speed. Their final ball was lacking tonight – and perhaps through the whole tournament – but they are much better than many of their European counterparts in this tournament. If they’d not had the misfortune to be in the same group as Spain they would almost certainly have won their group and thus be looking at a longer stay in the tournament.

Suazo has failed to impress me but I like the look of Alexis Sanchez particularly, and Jara in central midfield who was so quick to close down. This looked like it was going to be an even contest until two goals in three minutes broke the game’s back. Up until that point Brazil were bizarrely insistent on playing straight through the middle which played straight into the hands of Chile formation, with three, often four men around the ball and Brazil unable to do the usual tippy-tap through. It was almost a shame that the goal came from a corner which negated everything Chile were doing well.

Lucio is awesome. He must surely be the best central defender in the world right now, inheriting Fabio Cannavaro’s crown from four years ago. He’s just a massive man who bulldozes everyone out of the way, and as a bonus he is a decent footballer. The amount of times he strode out of defence today was immense. Love him.

Kaka was a bit more involved today but he still looks off it. So much of his game is spent on the floor or chasing the ball; when he gets it he still looks good but he’s proved quite easy to dispossess in a way that I don’t remember seeing when he was at Milan. Fortunately for Brazil, the team is comfortably good enough to carry him, even without Felipe Melo and Elano today, two of their better performers.

Luis Fabiano still looks worryingly like a shaved Michelle Obama. But he’s clearly a top striker, hitting his third of the tournament today with great composure. The thing I liked about this goal was that he didn’t switch off until the ball was in the back of the net. The ball was played through, he nipped round the keeper and tapped it in, but at no stage in that did he think “I’ve scored” and take his eye off it to start celebrating. It was a simple goal but, I thought, quite revealing about his striking attitude.

The third goal was a beauty; Ramires nipping in to win the ball on the halfway line, surging through the Chile middle and laying in Robinho who simply caressed the ball into the corner. Robinho had had a poor game up to that point but it was another timely reminder of what a classy footballer he is, despite the strops and the shit form for City.

Brazil are really cooking. Eyes on Spain tomorrow night in a game that they really should win. Brazil v Spain would make a hell of a final, two sides of differing philosophies but equal abilities.

Final note on the Dutch who got through to the quarter-finals today with a 2-1 win over Slovakia. This was their fourth game in the tournament and I’ve still seen sod all of them. They’ve been pootling along with great ease by all accounts, staying under the radar somewhat. They face Brazil next and I’ll watch that with great interest.


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