Uruguay 2-1 South Korea

Posted: June 26, 2010 in England, World Cup
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I’m away this weekend so bit of a limited post here – it’s half time in the USA v Ghana game with Ghana deservedly 1-0 up. Earlier Uruguay snook through to the quarterfinals thanks to a brilliant performance by Luis Suarez, who has really hit his straps in the last few games after a pretty lame, perpetually-offside showing against France in Game 1.

It was an odd game. Uruguay took the lead early after indecisive goalkeeping allowed Suarez to stab in, but at half-time they seemed to decide that one would be enough and went all-out defence. This wasn’t such a bad ploy given that they hadn’t conceded in the first three games, but Korea flourished with the extra possession and Uruguay were slow to close even inside their own half. As a result Korea were able to squeeze a few openings and eventually equalised after the Uruguay keeper had a bit of a rush of blood.

It was hammering it down at this point but that had nothing to do with the decisive goal, Suarez stepping inside a loose challenge and clipping a beautiful curler from 16 yards that went in off the post. I have been impressed with Suarez; his three goals aside, he has a lovely direct “go for goal” style about him and I’ve seen him slip past and between defenders several times on his way into the box. Perhaps the Eredivisie isn’t as shit as I thought. Afonso Alves, take note.

It’s pretty funny, by the way, the amount of England flags there are at this USA v Ghana game. Clearly lots of people out there expected England to have won their group.

As it is, I’m pretty sure England will go out tomorrow. A quick canvassing of my mates reveals a general consensus of ridiculous optimism along the lines of:

“We’re due” (actually, we won our last friendly AND competitive game against Germany)

“We always play better in the big games” (no knock-out win over “big” team in World Cup since ’66 final)

“Stop being so fucking sensible” (just the way I am)

I think tomorrow’s going to be a really good game. Both teams will go for it hard, and I think there’s enough defensive foibles to see quite a few goals. I reckon Rooney will be on it, and I’m going to optimistically (sort of) go for a score draw with England losing on penalties – of course.


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