Oh England

Posted: June 19, 2010 in England

Okay so yesterday England and I had a bit of a falling out. Understatement: we had a blazing row where things were smashed, bad words were uttered, England’s possessions were shoved into a bin bag and chucked out into the street and voices were raised so loud that Scotland and Wales were twitching their curtains and muttering to themselves. But, you know, I’d had a few drinks, I was tired, I was emotional, I’d seen how others like Mexico and Paraguay were enjoying themselves and I’d taken a long hard look at our relationship and got a bit jealous. Things were said that were maybe a little heat of the moment.

Or not.

But the point is, I’m willing to give England one more chance. Its things are still round at its mum’s place, and it’s sleeping in the spare bed, but it’s back. We’ll have a few days of softly-softly and then try and sort it out on Wednesday and take it from there.

We’ve agreed that I can continue to see Mexico in the meantime. But we’re definitely not on a break.


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