Posted: June 4, 2010 in England
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When I saw “Rio injury scare” flash up on the Guardian website earlier, I had a quick look through the article and immediately remembered how annoying this sort of bullshit is during the World Cup – the whole “OMG Rooney sits out 5 minutes of training” shenanigans to try and whip up a bit of a shitstorm.

Then I see that he’s actually injured. Like, properly out of the World Cup and everything.


Rio is a really good defender. He’s played about as many games as Ledley King this season (okay I just checked, it’s 31 vs 22 in Rio’s favour, including internationals which actually make up the bulk of that difference) but he’s still a good defender and England’s best along with Terry. In 2002 he was simply awesome at the back, probably the highest level I’ve seen an England centre-half reach during that tournament.

The thing is, I don’t really care that he’s injured and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because he’s a bit of an arse. Of course I want England to win the World Cup, and of course this limits our chances just that little bit more. But in all honest I can’t see myself giving much more than a shrug if anyone other than Rooney got injured. Perhaps this is indicative of the generally unimpressive level of our team compared with the likes of Spain, Brazil, Argentina etc (jesus have you seen Argentina’s strikeforce?).

I certainly won’t be bemoaning the loss of “our captain”. Captaincy, FFS. What does a captain do these days apart from flip a coin at the start of the match. The only people who give a damn about captaincy is the tool who’s packing the armband and some pissy tabloid red-tops who harp on about “leading from the front” and “inspiring our boys” etc etc.

Not that I particularly think that Gerrard can do either of those, by the way.


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