Japan 1-2 England

Posted: May 30, 2010 in England
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Well. Once again, first half poor, second half better. It was a pretty nondescript game in which England were the beneficaries of two own goals (albeit both from dangerous crosses) but all the same, I’m sure Capello will have found it a useful exercise for several reasons, chiefly an intelligent performance from Joe Cole who was at the heart of everything good about the second period.

Walcott did himself no favours, Joe Hart did, Darren Bent was anonymous apart from a neshed header and that will probably put his participation to bed. It was interesting to see that Stephen Warnock played no part whatsoever – that would suggest that Capello has decided he’s seen enough of Baines to ditch the Everton man and take Warnock, or that he simply doesn’t think Warnock’s up to it so there was no point playing him against Japan.

If anything I’m slightly pleased that these two friendlies might have reigned in any overblown expectations that some people might have had for England’s chances. On the other hand, holy shit it’s less than two weeks til the World Cup!


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