Starting again

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The FA Cup is over, the Champions League final is difficult to get excited about, and I’ve got no interest in the Championship playoffs insofar as it wasn’t possible for all four of Cardiff, Leicester, Blackpool and Forest to be knocked out.

Yes, the football season has finished. As a neutral, it’s been fascinating; as a fan it’s been bloody awful apart from those wonderful events at Hillsbrough a few Sundays ago.

Time for the World Cup. How long to go? Less than a month. Good god but it feels like a long time since the last one, handing over the keys for my first privately-rented property, getting a headache in the sun as England crawled to a win over Paraguay. The second group game must have been so nondescript that I can’t even remember it, although I do remember drawing 2-2 with Sweden. Trinidad & Tobago, that was it. Peter Crouch getting a leg up from someone’s braids. The game against Ecuador that was both dull and unsatisfying in that it was a good 3-4 seconds before I realised that Beckham’s decisive freekick had gone into the net rather than the sidenetting.

And then Portugal, of course. Another exercise in English footballing “blame someone, quick, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BLAME SOMEONE” attitude. And the moment that I realised that I loved Owen Hargreaves, the least English Englishman out there and the only fucker who could take a penalty.

So yes, all that seems a long time ago. What’s changed? We still have a foreign coach who has recently revealed himself to be capable of Sven-esque moments of bad judgement (Capello Index? Don Fabio what were you thinking). We still have a side populated by tossers (largely the same tossers as last time, as it happens). We no longer have Owen Hargreaves or a moment’s prayer that Michael Owen/D-Beck will “come good” again. Rooney is still our best/only player. Beckham is the frigging translator or coach or something. Christ.

But despite all that, it’s FOUR YEARS since England’s bunch of knob-ends crashed and burned. Four years since I was able to support the country of my birth, through all the misgivings, and get properly “into” a tournament. Because that bunch of idiots weren’t good enough to qualify for Euro 2008 (and don’t think it was all Schteve’s fault; they genuinely weren’t good enough at that point, injuries and form taking their toll).

But rather than ignore Euro 2008, I did this instead.

And on here, I’m going to do it again.

I ended up cheering on Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Russia and many others during an eventful and exciting four weeks. It was great. Hopefully it’ll be just as much so this time.

Of course, I’ll be supporting England. But I also know instinctively that wherever I watch their matches (outside of my own home), there will be an unhealthy population of twats ready to annoy the hell out of me.

Whereas when I go and watch Mexico v France, at least I won’t have a bloody clue what’s being said.

So here we go then, World Cup 2010 in London. Hope to see you there.

Oh yeah and I’ll try not to break my ankle this time.


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